Dreamy bicycle

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Cu ceva timp în urmă răsfoiam internetul și am găsit o fotografie la care m-am uitat minute în șir, m-a fascinat – era o bicicletă cu luminițe. Ideea mi s-a părut genială și la fel au spus probabil și miile de site-uri care au postat fotografia lui Shelby Tanner.

©Shelby Tanner

Am vrut să aflu povestea ei și am găsit o fotografă plină de inspirație și umor, care mi-a spus cum a făcut această poză perfectă. Dacă ai ceva timp la dispoziție, răsfoiește albumele lui Shelby… te vor încanta pozele ei visătoare.

What inspired you to make it?

I wanted to do a winter series in the month of December. I wanted the series to really represent the holiday and things you usually see in that month. The idea of using the bicycle came from a photo I saw by Simon Filip.

How difficult was for you to take this perfect shot?

It wasn’t really that difficult. I first tried to make it a self portrait. I got my tripod and remote out and put the bike in the middle of the road and starting shooting, but it was really hard for the camera to focus on its own and plus I wanted different angles. So my little sister, Sydney, volunteered to model for me.

©Shelby Tanner

It took me an hour and a half to put the Christmas lights on the bike. It was difficult and time consuming but totally worth it. I used two sets of Christmas lights and hooked them together.  I made sure the end outlet was near the back of the wheel so I could plug it into a long extension cord that was coming from my garage to the bike.

It was funny because while i was shooting in the middle of the road, cars would slow down and just stare at the bike (I live right next to a busy street). Plus, someone in my neighborhood was throwing a party so more cars were coming down my street. lol

And for editing wise, I wanted the photo to seem dreamy. I know it’s common sense that this photo isn’t possible, that the Christmas lights can’t be lit by themselves and you can’t actually ride around without the lights breaking or getting wrapped around the chain. But I just wanted the magic that Christmas offers and the month of December offers. That’s why I edited it the way I did and photoshoped out the extension cord.

Do you have any advice for chic ladies that love bicycles?

I don’t really go bicycling. The only time I do is if my family and I go camping. Other than that, my bike stays in my garage. And some advice for ladies that love bicycles: Always bring a camera with you; you never know what you will run into while riding around. 🙂


Big kisses and hugs to Shelby for sharing the story of this beautiful photo and allowing us to publish it on VeloBello.


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